Are The Cleveland Browns In Trouble? Will The Cleveland Browns Make The Playoffs? Browns Done For?


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The Cleveland Browns had a TON of Hype coming into the 2019 NFL Season. The Cleveland Browns were my pick to win thew AFC North and I felt that the Browns would make the playoffs! However it is now looking like the Browns have a chance to not even make the playoffs! The Cleveland Browns offensive line is terrible and Freddie Kitchens has not impressed me as a head coach. My friend Chase however still has some optimism for the browns. I do think the browns have a chance to sneak into the playoffs. However it is going to be very very tough because their schedule is not very easy at all. However the late season schedule for the browns is very soft and they might have a chance to make the playoffs as a wild card team. However I think the Baltimore Ravens win the AFC North! We shall see. Ravens vs Browns this week will be a good one!

Browns vs Ravens Preview
Will The Cleveland Browns Make The Playoffs?
Will The Cleveland Browns miss The Playoffs?
Will The Browns Make The Playoffs?
Will The Browns Miss The Playoffs?
Will The Cleveland Browns Turn Their Season Around
Can The Cleveland Browns Make The Playoffs
The Browns Are Overrated
Cleveland Browns Are Overrated
Browns Are Overhyped
Cleveland Browns Are Overhyped
The Cleveland Browns Are Terrible
Baker Mayfield is overrated
Baker Mayfield is not very good
The Browns will miss the playoffs
The Cleveland Browns Will Miss The Playoffs
The Browns will win their division
Browns will win AFC North

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