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The Japanese amberjack or yellowtail, Seriola quinqueradiata, is a species of jack fish in the family Carangidae. It is native to the northwest Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Hawaii. It is greatly appreciated in Japan, where it is called hamachi or buri . These fish are eaten either cooked or raw, and are a seasonal favourite in the colder months when the meat has a higher fat content.

Japanese Seasonal Fish: Kampachi/Amberjack | SHIZUOKA GOURMET

Japanese Seasonal Fish: Kampachi/Amberjack. With the first days of Autumn upon us, Kampachi or Amberjack is appearing on our plates in Japan! The fish seems to have so many names in any language: Amberjack, Purplish Amberjack, Yellowtail, Greater Yellowtail, and Ruderfish in English, whereas in Japanese it is called Kampachi, Akahana, Kampa,...

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big yellowtail amberjack fillet_how to fish fillet & fish cutting_japanese food Giant sashimi.

農林水産省/Traveling and seeking Japanese food [Vol.3]

Yellowtail -- a fish with plenty of names. Most aquaculture operations in Japan that raise yellowtail also raise amberjack and sea bream. Yet, of the three, yellowtail makes up about 90 percent of exports. Aquaculture-raised Kanpachi (left) is springier, less fatty, and somewhat more flavorful than Hamachi.

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Market Watch: Japanese Eggplant (and an Easy Eggplant Dip Recipe) Japanese eggplant are a bit small for egg plant parm, but you can make an easy, healthy late-summer eggplant dip instead.

Sashimi - Japan

Sashimi ( h g) is thinly sliced, raw food. It is one of the most famous dishes in the Japanese cuisine. Seafood is most commonly eaten as sashimi, but other types of meats (such as beef, horse and deer) and foods (such as yuba tofu skin and konnyaku) can also be served as sashimi. Some people confuse sashimi with sushi.

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