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http://pvt.fm/pub/6D30704990BB A 3 minute walk (350 meters) from a blue flag beach.

35 minutes to Antalya Airport (45km)
20 minutes from downtown Antalya (25 km)
5 minutes from Kemer

With coves and beaches offering all types of sea sports, as well as the nearby yacht marinas and golf courses, just an hour drive away from a gigantic kid's park offering also an expo of the World's finest flower orchards.

This is a rare location on Earth where you can skinnydip in the sea in April, May, June then drive an hour and a half up to snow ski at the Saklikent Ski Resort.

It's a unique private property with an official title-deed surrounded by 200 acres of public pine forests in front and behind, with hundred of acres of private orange groves on its left and right sides.

The master house is situated on one shore of the pool while the guest houses are on the other shore.

Master home: 250 m2
It's structure formed as the result of the concept of a handmade wooden "vineyard home" kneaded with the "high tech" architecture.
Spacious spaces have been formed with high ceilings.

Amorphous pool among the trees: 180 m2
The pool has no straight edges. Its surroundings have features normally found in holiday resorts with bays and shady spaces, sunning terraces and a wooden gazebo structure.The pool is heated during winter.

Pool side units:
Outdoor showers, WCs and laundryhouse.

Condominiums / Guest Houses: 120 m2
2 seperate condominiums were constructed under a single 120 m2 roof on the opposite side of the pool.

They have minimalist architectural elements.
Each features sleeping spaces for 2 adults and 2 children with a minimalist furnishing.

House Attendant's bungalow: 80 m2
Situated on the orchard's other gate.

Enclosed Greenhouse: 100m2
While the world's most delicious tangerine, orange, pomelo, grapefuit and lemons are grown in this citrus grove, it also features grape vineyards with more than twenty varieties of delicious table grapes.

The 4 seasons organic vegetables are grown in 2 separates greenhouses in a grove which has nearly 1000 fruit trees.

One of these greenhouses is open while the other other is in a specially designed enclosed space.

Cold air storage and squash:
There are underground refrigerated storage spaces. The wall surfaces of the storage spaces are installed with special cooling systems were designed for squash.

High security perimeter walls.

Automatic watering system in the orchard area and the organic farm.

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